Today I have a headache and am feeling grumpy. I'm drinking coffee and staring at photos on my computer that i uploaded this morning.  Nate hurt my feelings last night and I'm having a hard time getting over it and using that as an excuse to be lazy. Morning pity party for one. Check please!

This is sort of a 2-part post. I promise to keep it brief

part 1 : for those of you who check this journal and website out, THANK YOU! It really means a lot to me. Time is precious - i understand that.  Also, you might notice a few new images hanging out. Which I am proud of! Nate bought me a fancy camera for my birthday in March (after continuous whining about needing said camera) and I'm practicing like mad and am finally starting to see some progress. Having the best and most bad ass photos is really important to me. I can't tell you how much I cringe putting up Iphone photos onto the etsy shop. Yeah, it's totally common and I understand people can do some amazing things with filters and apps but that's just not how I roll. Get it? Like, camera roll?

part 2: i kind of feel douchey for my 'port a for those in the know' comment on my last post. please forgive. 

south texas - the coast. I have so many endless memories of that 'place.' what is essentially one place in my mind is actually about 200 miles or so of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston Island (which we frequented in my childhood) down to Port Aransas with not much to visit *in between. Every beach town is vaguely the same beach town and I like them **all. Memory is unreliable.

Hit List:

Paul Simon on repeat
shrimp boil
naps, sleep - more sleep than we've had in 2 months
oysters on the half shell
The Gaff, especially the one woman 30 second cover band, especially her Stevie Nicks covers

* i did hear tell of a man-made swamp/mangrove place mid way from Galveston to Port Aransas. Matagorda maybe? Flamingos and gaters and very Louisiana-y?

**i dont really like South Padre as much

Xo- Amber