turmeric, rose spritzer and the pits

hello friends, here's a long and rambling one to make up for the period of inactivity up in here. 

Monday was FUN. i finally live in the same neighborhood as one of my favorite people and we played around with natural dyes. she's pretty much who i want to be when i grow up and the only person allowed near my unruly hair with scissors...

disclaimer: this is by no means a tutorial

like usual, i have hoarded and traveled cross country (austin>portland>austin)  with bags of dried vegetable skins, mainly onion skin and avocado skins + pits and decided it's time to use these fuckers. armed with ziplock baggies of peels and various white fabrics i headed over to my dear friend B's house on Monday afternoon and after a few minutes of showing off the goods, we decided to use the avocado bits and on a whim turmeric and to make rose spritzers (so ladylike, let me tell you) AND run on sentences! woo hoo.

B is definitely more of a fuck it/fly by the seat of your pants type when it comes to these things (not hair) and i am way more by the book, ocd 'let's read the manual first' type. What's that saying? "Perfection is the enemy of done." I think that applies here, especially when you're just having fun with your ladies.

Without measuring a damn thing, we dumped white vinegar in to a pot with water, turmeric and water into another pot and the avocado bits and water into yet another pot and set those all to heat up.

it behooves me to mention that the pot far right bottom is engraved as '1st place, Jo's Annual Chili Cook Off' Where-in B's Husband slayed. Naturally.

it behooves me to mention that the pot far right bottom is engraved as '1st place, Jo's Annual Chili Cook Off' Where-in B's Husband slayed. Naturally.

Then, we folded our fabric bits a la this tutorial and threw most of them into the vinegar bath. The vinegar is there is to open up the fibers to allow the dye to more further penetrate. I'm seeing a connection between, say, wine and the latter half of date night. After 30 mins to an Hour remove fabric from the vinegar bath and place into your dye bath. The length of time in the dye bath is dependent upon how vibrant or saturated you want your **end result to be coupled with the actual intensity of your dye bath (dye stuffs to water ratio.) 

We, being the impatient and, by then, tipsy types pulled the trigger after about 30 minutes on the Turmeric. The results were ultra-bright as you can see below! I quite like the stained-glass effect of the fabric hanging in the windows to dry. Don't You?

**One lesson learned was that the ratio of dye stuff to water absolutely affects the end results especially when it comes to the more subtly pigmented items, and unfortunately, even after 18 hours of soaking, the fabrics in the avocado dye were almost completely unaffected save some linen. 

Easy Rose Session Spritzer:                                                                                                                

Your Choice of Dry Rose Wine                                                                                                           Chambord Raspberry Liqueur                                                                                                           Sparkling Water (we used La Croix Apricot)                                                                                   Earthy Herb for Aroma (we used Sage, but you could also use Rosemary or Basil)

Fill an iced glass with 2/3 Rose, Splash with your choice of sparkling water no more than 1", Top with a tablespoon of Chambord Liqueur and garnish with an aromatic and earthy sprig of herbs. 

Easy Peasy and dangerously refreshing (read, day drunk.) Fortunately, this is a nice sessionable cocktail. Just up the sparkling water ratio to make this a less alcoholic version. 

XO, Amber