April Showers

As I am sitting here, my little Australian Cattle Dog Agnes is quaking at my feet. For her, the sky is falling and it keeps happening every dang day.

In Texas it is the rainy season. I know, ironic considering our Vitamin D deprived selves moved back home for sunshine with a capitol S among so many other things. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. There are variations on rain and a month or so of lake filling, underground aquifer replenishing (read: summer swim time party jam) and greening up is a truly glorious thing around here. Drought be damned! 

As Nate says ' i like the combo of shitloads of rain and then sun and blue skies.'

Austin is the most green I have ever seen her. For us, it feels like a personal reward. It is a gift wrapped in a hug sealed with a kiss.

Last Friday, feeling incredibly anxious and down ; I blame Instagram, no seriously, I packed up the girls and with the excuse of needing to print off something, headed out to Dripping Springs to the property where my husband is working as a brewer.


Being out there away from chores and boredom, it gives me the space to think a lot about what i want my business to look like, how i can marry the intentions of offering timeless quality vintage with making a meaningful connection with others?  Can a pair of vintage boots make one feel in some way connected to the Texas Hill Country? Can that reflect who i am and where i come from? Does any of this shit matter? 

I'm betting the farm that it can and does.

As aside, for anyone asking, I'm still thinking about flowers, somehow i need to finagle a way to have flowers figure into my every day or week or month - i'll take what i can get. Maybe I'll raise Fleurs 52 from the dead, could Fleurs 12 or 48 be a thing?

I don't know. Stay tuned.

By the way, what size boots do you wear?