My Story

I can't remember a time when I wasn't inspired by the histories of overlooked treasures and grateful to have the opportunity to give them a new life either in my home or that of a loved one. The durability of a vintage boot worn in and with that perfect patina (y'all know what i'm talkin' about) sets my heart on fire. Soft cotton and linen are just some the materials I love to look at and touch and wear and, and and.

Initially an economic necessity, thrifting became a shared hobby for my Mama and me early on. She instilled in me the love of the hunt, the lust for driving down unknown rural Texas highways in search for that junk shop with the layer of dust covering unknown treasures. The outrageous and bold notions of wild Texas. The big adventurous vast possibilities of the West.

"What should we collect now?' she would ask dreamily.

Later on in college, I loved learning about American history, crafts and styles and in 2004 earned myself an Art History degree.

Today I take those memories as well my art history education with me as I hunt and gather vintage, photograph and write for Sun and Moon from Deep in the Heart of Texas.

XO, Amber